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Handled with care to ports worldwide


Handled with care to ports worldwide

We'll take your shipments anywhere

Imagine being able to export and import your cargo, all around the globe, without all the hassles. By rail, road, air or ocean, your Lineage team will take care of your food shipments to and from any port worldwide. Our in-house customs department takes care of all paperwork that’s required for your incoming cargo. Plus, we’re Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certified, which gives us a preferred position at customs. So take a load off; we’ve got you.

Sea-worthy and road-ready

You want smart solutions to get your long-haul freight where it needs to go. Lineage taps into diverse logistical expertise and combines the modes you need to maximize efficiencies.


Location, location, location

Lineage’s strategic presence in the country’s busiest ports positions your products for swift, seamless movement around the world.

Fast and flexible

With Lineage you gain flexibility by tapping into our deep network of capabilities and experience. We’ve got the right relationships with all the modes and know how to leverage our connections to get your shipments to their destination.


A single-point provider you can depend on

Your time is better spent managing your core business. Lineage can handle your customs brokerage needs as the single-point provider to clear imported and exported food products throughout our network. We're also able to support with storage and transportation of your product.


The more reliable ride for food

Port-Centric Warehousing

Lineage is your gateway to the global market. Our port operations help you connect to your customers all over the world.

port warehousing
Customs Brokerage

Expedite your import/export process. Use Lineage as your single-point provider to clear your products at any major U.S. port of entry—land, air or sea.

Managed & On-demand Transportation

Big needs, small needs and every need in between. We combine speed, service and savings to reinvent your transportation experience right from the start.

Supply Chain Engineering

Lineage can help you plan smarter and take your supply chain to the next level using cutting edge technology and advanced data analysis.

Truck being loaded

Import and export products supported by our fleet connecting domestic warehouse and ocean transportation networks.

Temperature-Controlled Rail
Temperature-Controlled Rail

Ride with the largest private fleet of refrigerated and insulated rail cars in North America to keep your supply chain on track.


Supply Chain Engineering

Partner with Lineage to optimize your distribution network, leveraging your data and ours to optimize your supply chain, eliminate waste and help reach your customers faster.


Move your products seamlessly from one mode to another by letting Lineage manage your intermodal transloading, from truck to railcar to across the sea.

Adjacent Deep-water Terminal

Enjoy Lineage’s access to the world’s largest global ports - capable of accommodating a fully-laden Panamax vessel.

Drop Trailer / Container Plug-in

Keep your product cool and your team on the go by taking advantage of our drop trailer and container plug-in services.

Floor Loading and Unloading

Maximize your available container space without sacrificing quality by trusting Lineage to handle your product with care.

Factory Clearance

Partner with Lineage to move your product safely and seamlessly from the production floor to our storage facilities.

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