Streamline your domestic and ocean transportation


Streamline your domestic and ocean transportation

Port-based container drayage services

Lineage drayage services offer a simplified and streamlined way to connect domestic warehouse and ocean transportation networks when importing and exporting products. Our large fleet of trucks, chassis, gensets and plug-ins provides unparalleled service and reliability across most major U.S. ports.

Vertical integration between transportation and warehouse systems provides streamlined communication between our teams and helping mitigate port penalties to our customers.

Improved visibility to container volume at the facility level drives reduced container turn times which minimizes chassis rental cost and allows products to become available sooner.

Moving more than 85,000 containerized shipments annually
Overweight solutions and services in place across all major U.S. ports
Localized support provides in-market coverage to closely manage the day-to-day operational needs


The more reliable ride for food

Port-Centric Warehousing

Lineage is your gateway to the global market. Our port operations help you connect to your customers all over the world.

Customs Brokerage
Freight Forwarding

Efficiency that saves dollars and headaches. Export and import full container load cargo, without the run around.

Lineage truck
Managed & On-demand Truckload Solutions

Big needs, small needs and every need in between. Our network combines speed, service and savings to reinvent your transportation experience right from the start.

port warehousing
Customs Brokerage

Expedite your import/export process. Use Lineage as your single-point provider to clear your products at any major U.S. port of entry—land, air or sea.



Move your products seamlessly from one mode to another by letting Lineage manage your intermodal transloading, from truck to railcar to across the sea.

Railcar Siding

Transition your product safely and efficiently from rail to storage using Lineage’s railcar siding services.

Adjacent Deep-water Terminal

Enjoy Lineage’s access to the world’s largest global ports - capable of accommodating a fully-laden Panamax vessel.

Drop Trailer / Container Plug-in

Keep your product cool and your team on the go by taking advantage of our drop trailer and container plug-in services.

Floor Loading and Unloading

Maximize your available container space without sacrificing quality by trusting Lineage to handle your product with care.

Factory Clearance

Partner with Lineage to move your product safely and seamlessly from the production floor to our storage facilities.

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Lineage announced the expansion of its network of automated facilities with a new cold storage warehouse in Hazleton, Pennsylvania under construction.
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April 09, 2024
Zeeland's ATZ project marks a successful milestone in autonomous container transport, enhancing efficiency from yard to quay with innovative…
April 04, 2024