Cold storage solutions designed for you


Cold storage solutions designed for you

Let's customize your cold storage facility

You choose how to benefit from the full range of Lineage customized storage and warehousing services. We can design, build and operate a facility based on your specifications to cater to your needs. You dream it and we build it.

Bespoke design fits like a glove

Tailored to your needs from the get-go means your facility will maximize the efficiency of your process for your product. No more paying for space and equipment you don't need.


Your vision, executed by experts

Let our legacy lead the way. Tell us what you need, and we'll find a way to make it happen as efficiently as possible. We've got experience, and now we want to share it with you.


Leverage our leading cold storage network

Cold Storage Warehousing

Our network of sophisticated, strategically located cold storage facilities is built to protect the integrity of your products and your brand.

Automated package line at a Lineage warehouse facility.
Automated Warehousing

Next-generation technology, applied sciences and innovative thinking deliver greater efficiency and future-ready supply chain solutions for our partners.

Port-Centric Warehousing

Lineage is your gateway to the global market. Our port operations help you connect to your customers all over the world.

Supply Chain Engineering

Lineage can help you plan smarter and take your supply chain to the next level using cutting edge technology and advanced data analysis.

News & Stories
Keep pace with a future-forward partner

When you choose Lineage, you get access to a world of possibilities.

Press // Business Development
Smithfield Foods and Lineage open an innovative, automated distribution center in Olathe, Kansas, setting new standards for efficiency and…
April 19, 2022
Press // Business Development // Enhancements
Lineage announces the construction of an automated cold-storage facility in Windsor, Colo., for JBS USA, a global food company.
April 05, 2022
Press // Business Development // Enhancements
Lineage to develop a cutting-edge cold storage facility in Sydney with Mirvac, bolstering NSW's economy and enhancing supply chain efficiency.
March 09, 2022