Reimagining the industry to solve cold chain challenges


Reimagining the industry to solve cold chain challenges

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Delivering tomorrow's cold chain today

In the cold chain, every second counts.  Our innovation-driven approach combines data science and industry-leading technology to create a faster, smarter and more reliable cold chain – all while reducing environmental impact and minimizing supply chain waste.

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Building a smarter global food supply chain
The food supply chain is the object of our innovation and we are designing, building and executing the food system our customers and consumers deserve.

One supply chain network. A world of innovations.

Our proprietary algorithms and award-winning patented technologies are helping solve the temperature-controlled storage industry's toughest supply chain challenges. Through real-time analytics, enhanced facility design and best-in-class hardware and software solutions, we’re helping you move and store your food safely and efficiently.

Real-time data science and analytics

Our algorithms remove uncertainty, automate smart decisions and streamline your operations. In turn, these can help lower your construction, energy and operation costs.

Built-to-suit facility design, automation and enhanced networks

We can enhance an existing facility with semi-automated capabilities or customize one to meet your exact needs and integrate it with our intelligent, unified network.

Best-in-class hardware and software solutions that drive efficiencies

Our patented solutions can help you gain efficiencies in your warehouse and give you real-time visibility to your entire supply chain.


The pallet arrives and is coded by customer, product type and item description. This information is added to the historical database of five-plus years of data. Because of machine learning, Sybil understands this pallet in the context of past deliveries. 


In warehouses using Sybil, every rack is ranked in terms of how easy it is to access. The most accessible racks are stocked with products with the quickest turnaround times. Getting granular on duration of stay both optimizes space and reduces forklift travel time. 


Drawing from the historical database, the algorithm assigns a statistical probability for the amount of time the product will stay on site. Once Sybil understands duration of stay, the algorithm tasks a forklift operator to move the pallet to its ideal location.  

THE FUTURE OF WAREHOUSING Making the unpredictable, predictable

Chaos meets its match with Sybil, a patented, proprietary algorithm developed by our Data Science team to deliver efficiencies and a more predictable supply chain for our customers.

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Solving problems with technology
We don't innovate for the purpose of pushing patents. They’re solutions for some of the cold chain’s toughest challenges. See how Lineage is building a more efficient global food supply chain.

Elevating the cold chain with innovative solutions

From algorithm-driven solutions to revolutionary patents, our goal is to help build a more resilient, reliable supply chain for our customers and the communities they feed.

Automated cold storage pallet handling system using advanced computer vision technology for efficient material processing.
Reshaping receiving with visionary tech

Receiving pallets is a daunting task. See how the Lineage Eye automates receiving and creates efficiencies throughout the warehouse.

Fleet of temperature-controlled trucks docked at a Lineage cold storage warehouse facility.
Sybil calms warehouse chaos

Sybil, an algorithm designed and deployed by our Data Science team, makes educated predictions about pallet stay durations, optimizing warehouse operations and more.

Interior of Lineage automated cold storage warehouse facility.
The new standard for global food chains

We’re here to make the food chain the best it can be, and bring more commodities to more communities around the world.

Lineage cold storage warehouse facility with array of solar panels.
Award-winning innovation

We've been nationally recognized for our innovations and patents.

Interior of a Lineage cold storage warehouse
Meet the self-awarehouse

We stand at the forefront of industry innovation, driving the transformation of warehouse operations with data-driven algorithms and technologies.

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We are built for environmental sustainability
We’re transforming the food supply chain to eliminate waste, reduce energy consumption and help our customers feed the world.

Safeguarding the world's food

Not only are these solutions helping build a safer, more reliable cold chain, but they’re helping our customers nourish communities around the world. From automated warehousing to integrated solutions, we’re ready to help you feed the world.

Lineage warehouse facility with array of solar panels.
Sustainable Warehousing

Can you carefully store food and care about the planet? Together we can. Our fully automated warehousing uses a smaller footprint to handle more products.

Automated package line at a Lineage warehouse facility.
Automated Warehousing

Next-generation technology, applied sciences and innovative thinking deliver greater efficiency and future-ready supply chain solutions for our partners.

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Built-to-Suit Warehousing

How can we serve you best? We'll tap into our full range of customized storage and warehousing solutions to drive better results for your business.

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Lineage Link®

Get real time visibility to your orders, inventory, and shipment statuses across our network of facilities with Lineage Link, our supply chain platform.

Interior of Lineage automated cold storage warehouse facility.
Lineage optimizes your supply chain network through innovation
We’re here to be your trusted, strategic partner. For inquiries or information on our solutions and services, use the form to connect with our team.